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Whole House Audio

These days, more and more people are adding multi-room music systems to their homes. And it's easy to see why — whole-house systems allow you to enjoy your music more often and in more rooms of your home.

Audio is the easiest format to get throughout your house. With in-wall speakers and keypads/access panels, your room gets audio that is virtually invisible, with no components or other equipment needed in the room. Audio and video gets a little more complicated, as you'll need A/V connections and junction boxes to run video to a television or panel in your remote rooms. First,Will you use existing in-wall wiring, or install new wiring?

If your home doesn't have the right in-wall cabling, or doesn't have it installed in the right locations, you'll need to install new wire.

At Gray's We offer that . It is often done in homes still under construction, or under heavy renovation/remodle , since it's easier to install in-wall wire before the drywall and insulation are up. We do offer retro installation also so it is possable to achieve you whole house audio system even if your not doing a new construction or remodle.

How many rooms do you want music in?

Some multi-room systems send music to just two or three rooms total, while others expand to accommodate 12 or more, depending on how you configure your system. As you shop, think about how many listening rooms you'd like, and also how you'll listen in each room. For example, you might choose different components for background listening in your kitchen then you would for dedicated music listening in your den.

How much control do you want in your remote rooms?

You'll have a range of control options from most pre-matched and conventional systems — everything from simply controlling the volume, to switching sources and songs. Most pre-matched systems include a controller in each room where you have music. But if you're creating your own conventional system, you'll need to be sure to include that in your plans.

Many multi-channel receivers we offer feature integrated multi-zone systems. You can use a couple of the amplified channels to drive a pair of stereo speakers in a second room. or through a AMP and to provide multi room stereo music. This is great, becauseyou can listen to a different sources at the same time in the different locations.There are amplifiers with 2nd zone available from many companies that power multiple zones that we sell. Some of these products let you connect up to eight separate source components and distribute them to eight different zones, These types of multi zone reciever allow control of source components through a IR and remote. Today, receivers ready for multi-zone/multi-source use are very common, and increasingly inexpensive.

Be sure to speak to one of our sales reps. when shopping for a new multi ch or zone2 receiver and whole house system.